Chinese Embassy in Brazil visited Confucius Institute at the State University of Pará
June 14, 2023
Sun Jing

On June 9th, Sun Yan, Counselor of the Consular Division of the Chinese Embassy in Brazil, and Wang Wenjie, First Secretary, visited the Confucius Institute at the State University of Pará (CI-UEPA) and had a cordial symposium with all Chinese staff there. Wang Lingcheng, the Chief of the Brazilian Amazon Chinese Entrepreneurs Association accompanied the visit and symposium.

Counselor Sun Yan first asked in detail about the current operation of the Confucius Institute, as well as the working and living conditions of the current volunteer teachers.

Sun Jing, the Chinese director welcomed Counselor Sun’s visit and expressed her sincere gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in Brazil for its concern and support for the CI-UEPA. Even though working in a distant foreign country, they still receive the care and greetings from the motherland, and feel very cordial and warm. She reported the work on resuming offline Chinese teaching and cultural activities since April this year. Since its establishment 7 years ago, Shandong Normal University and the State University of Pará have cooperated with each other sincerely, which makes the language teaching and characteristic cultural activities run smoothly and successfully. As the institute incorporates Chinese language course into the teaching system of Brazilian public universities, it has dedicated teaching venues and a full-time local director from UEPA. At present, the number of students registered at CI exceeds 400, reaching a record high. Not long ago, Brazilian President Lula's successful visit to China has further promoted the enthusiasm of local people to learn Chinese.

Counselor Sun encouraged every member at CI-UEP should carry forward the warm and friendly team spirit and pay close attention to one’s own health and personal safety. The embassy will continue to provide support and assistance for the development of the institute and the work and life of teachers in Brazil. Secretary Wang Wenjie learned about the development of the Chinese Proficiency Test at CI-UEPA and the selection of Brazilian overseas students to China, and explained the relevant policies. Wang Lingcheng said that he would give full play to the advantages of the Association to provide continuous support and assistance for the institute to carry out various cultural activities and for Brazilian students to study in China, so as to jointly promote the dissemination and promotion of Chinese language and culture in Brazil.

The Confucius Institute is an important platform to promote education and cultural exchanges. In the future, the team of CI-UEPA will bear in mind the original mission and responsibility of international Chinese education, taking advantage of the momentum to implement the high-quality development of the Confucius Institute. By cultivating more and better Brazilian talents with proficient Chinese to serve the friendly cooperation in various fields between China and Brazil, the institute will make due contributions to promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.