• 2020
      In 2020, Shandong Normal University was selected as a high-level university in Shandong Province to build a first-class university.
    • 2017
      In November 2017, Shandong Normal University was awarded the first national civilized campus.
    • 2014
      In March 2014, Shandong Normal University was identified as jointly- funded college and university of Ministry of Education and Shandong province.
    • 2012
      In November 2012, Shandong Normal University was identified as feature university which educates practice-oriented talents. Shandong Province gives priority to construct these universities (schools).
    • 2005
      In June 2005, Shandong Normal University Lishan College was established (In September 2013, it was moved to Qingzhou).
    • 2001
      School of Chemical Industry of Shandong Province was integrated into Shandong Normal University in April 2001.
    • 1994
      In November 1994, Shandong provincial government accounted Shandong Normal University as the key construction colleges of " 211 project ".
    • 1981
      In March 1981, Shandong provincial government identified Shandong Normal College as provincial key institutions of higher education. In August, with the approval of Shandong provincial government, Shandong Normal College changed its name to Shandong Normal University.
    • 1974
      In April 1974, the school offices and most of the departments moved back to Jinan. At the same time Shandong Teachers College Liaocheng Branch was prepared to set up (the predecessor of Liaocheng University); in November, Shandong Provincial Committee formally approved Shandong Normal College to set up a branch college in Liaocheng.
    • 1970
      In September 1970, the school offices and the departments of Chinese, history, foreign languages, mathematics, geography, biology, sports and art moved to Liaocheng.
    • 1958
      In 1958 physical education department and fine art department have been separated and renamed as Shandong Sports University and Shandong Fine Art College (now Shandong University of Fine Arts) independently.
    • 1952
      In 1952 the national colleges and universities adjusted the faculties. The departments of physics, chemistry and biology of original Qilu University were integrated into Shandong Normal College at the same time.
    • 1950
      In 1950, Shandong Normal College was founded on the basis of Education School of the original East China University and Administrative Cadre School of Shandong Province. It was one of the earliest undergraduate colleges in Shandong Province after the founding of new China.
    • 1903
      In 1903, the normal school was divided from Shandong University, and Shandong Normal School was formally established. In 1944, Shandong Provincial Teachers Training School was established which was transformed into Shandong Provincial Teachers College in January 1984. After Jinan’s liberation, some parts of it were integrated into the Education School of East China University.
    • 1902
      The history of Shandong Normal University can be traced back to 1902 when it was a normal school in Shandong University.