Ambassador Xing Haiming visited Wooseok University and Confucius Institute.
April 25, 2023

On the April 18th, Xing Haiming,Chinese Ambassador to South Korea and counsellor Ai Hongge came to Wooseok University and Confucius Institute to visit Seo Chang-woo, the chairman of Wooseok University, Nam Cheon-hyun the president of Woosuk University, Korean director Cheon Hong-chul and Chinese director Li Hao of Confucius Institute at Wooseok University.

During the meeting with Seo Chang-woo and Nam Cheon-hyun, Xing Haiming highly praised the ideals of the school's management and fully affirmed Wooseok University's efforts to promote educational and cultural exchanges between China and South Korea and the positive contributions they made between Woosuk University and Shandong Normal University.

After the meeting, Xing Haiming gave a speech on "The Development and Future of Sino-Korea Relations" in fluent Korean. He reviewed the fruitful achievements of the two countries as strategic partners in various fields since the establishment of diplomatic relations and looked forward to the future of Sino-Korea relations. He also emphasized the positive role of universities in the future development of Sino-Korean relations and the historical responsibilities shouldered by college students of the two countries.

Xing Haiming and the delegation visited Confucius Institute at Woosuk University and attended the 'International Chinese Language Day' activity, where they also enjoyed a performance of the Gu-Qin. In addition,Xing Haiming emphasized to the Korean and Chinese students who attended the event that China and Korea are not only inseparable neighbors but also partners, and exchanges and cooperation between Korea and China can achieve many things in the future. Moreover, He encouraged students to actively spread Chinese culture and contribute to the development of China and Korea.

Afterward, Xing Haiming went to the headquarters of the Confucius Institute at Woosuk, which is located in the center of Jeonju province. Xing Haiming had a talk with the students of the Confucius Institute and encouraged them to diligently study Chinese language and culture, visit various places in China and experience Chinese culture.