Confucius Institute at State University of Pará in Brazil Held a Series of Activities to Celebrate International Chinese Language Day
April 19, 2023
Sun Jing

April 20, 2023 is the "UN Chinese Language Day" and "International Chinese Language Day". The Confucius Institute at the State University of Pará in Brazil actively responded to the initiative from the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) of the Ministry of Education and the ChinesePlus about "International Chinese Language Day" events. From April 10th to 20th,a series of colorful events themed "Chinese Language: Facilitating Dialogues Across Civilizations" were held, aiming to narrow the distance between people, build a bridge of friendship, and enhance the relationship between the Chinese and Brazilian people.

Nearly 400 students from the State University of Pará , the Federal University of Pará and local community residents participated in these events. During the events, the students actively learned to write Chinese characters, practiced Chinese intangible cultural heritage paper-cutting, and learned beautiful Chinese songs, etc.

Series I: Writing "Chinese Language Day"

In classes,the teachers explained the origin of "International Chinese Day", and demonstrated the strokes and order of Chinese characters. The students practiced horizontal strokes and vertical strokes, and meticulously wrote "中" "文" "日". Through this event, students' enthusiasm and confidence in writing Chinese characters have been greatly improved.

Series II: Paper-cutting "Zodiac Rabbit"

First teachers showed students the paper-cut works, which use Chinese intangible cultural heritage techniques, and introduced the origin of the year of the rabbit in the zodiac; then demonstrated the basic paper-cut skills to the students, and guided the students to draft the outlines and paper-cut patterns. After that, teachers guided students to decorate the "Zodiac Rabbit" with cut-out Chinese characters, flowers, animals and other different patterns. Finally, beautiful and creative wall charts were made to decorate the classrooms. Appreciating these paper-cutting art works created by fingertip skills, everyone happily took pictures in front of them.

Series III: Singing "Chinese Songs"

Before the classes, the teachers downloaded beautiful Chinese songs “Jasmine”“Farewell” and “Those Flowers”, etc. Warm hearts with lyrics and convey love with melody. Singing the beautiful Chinese songs, students felt the charm of Chinese songs and Chinese culture.

On the rainy day during the Grain Rain (the solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar on April 20th) we all enjoyed the China cultural banquet. Writing Chinese characters, making auspicious rabbit paper-cuttings and singing Chinese songs, the series of events of "International Chinese Language Day",students at the Confucius Institute further understood the connotation of "International Chinese Language Day" , experienced the profoundness and long history of abundant Chinese culture, and stimulated their interest in learning Chinese. Together with Chinese educators and learners around the world, the Confucius Institute at the State University of Pará in Brazil will continue to carry out a series of Chinese Language activities in order to facilitate dialogues between Chinese and foreign cultures.