Logo and interpretation

The logo is a symbol of the university, the concentrated expression of the characteristics of the university, the core of the visual identification system and contains the spirit of the university. The interpretation of the logo helps the audience understand its meaning and the spirit of the university.

The color of this logo is red and blue. Blue symbolizes wisdom, which is a symbol of teaching, scientific research ability and achievements of SDNU teachers and students; red symbolizes enthusiasm, which means that Shandong Normal University is always full of vitality and hope.

Name of university in Chinese and English standard font

The Chinese standard font of the university name of SDNU is Chairman Mao Zedong’s handwritten scripts. English name is English Arail font.

Chinese standard font body body (Mao Zedong calligraphy) English standard font Arial

The standard combination of logo and university name (center)

The standard combination of SDNU’s logo and university name includes:

1. logo 2. the Chinese standard font 3. the English standard font

The standard combination between the three must be strictly in accordance with the proportion of this manual, structural relations and pattern design specifications printing and production, to ensure that all visual elements of the complete, clear, clear and accurate. In practical applications, please call the corresponding document in the electronic version of this manual.

University standard color

The standard color of system VI of Shandong Normal University is based on the university property and characteristics to produce special blue, red, gray and other colors. Blue is added to the characteristics of science and technology, which is usually considered to have a good sense of space and international sense. Color blue also has a clear sense of development and inclusiveness, reflecting the strong momentum of development of the school. Red represents passion, endeavor and unity.

SDNU blue: C100 M60 Y10 K20 SDNU red: C15 M100 Y100 K0 SDNU gray: K60