An Zuozhang: the Academic Achievements Have Been Remarkable for Years

It is foreseeable that the development of Chinese history study and research will be faced with more problems and challenges in the future, which requires us to make efforts to innovate in the historical research. Innovation should be comprehensive, no matter in the aspect of the theory, the idea, the method, the means and so on. Innovation is by no means new in order to be different,real innovation should be based on Marx's theory and inherit the achievements of predecessors and current research both at home and abroad. It is the innovation that enlightens and guides the current and future research. ----An Zuozhang

"My life is a very simple one,which can be summed up in three words, that is reading, teaching and writing ." Nearly ninety years old, Mr.An Zuozhang sits quietly in his small study in a cultural atmosphere.

An Zuozhang, Professor, doctoral supervisor of Shandong Normal University, an honest and kind man, a shining pearl in the academic world,who has very high attainments in Chinese ancient history, historical document and the local history of Shandong, especially in the historical study of Qin and Han Dynasties. Over the past 60 years,he has been highly praised by all sectors of society and academia for his abundant works, profound knowledge, noble character, he has become a great man in the research field of the historical study of Qin and Han Dynasties of China.