School of Mathematics and Statistics Holds the First Demonstration Class of Outstanding Young Teachers and Demonstration of Classroom Teaching Reform.

On November 3rd afternoon,School of Mathematics and Statistics held the first demonstration class of outstanding young teachers and demonstration of classroom teaching reform,and invited Zhao Jianmin,teaching supervision committee member of SDNU,professor of Faculty of Education,and professor Ma Junying, famous teacher in Shandong Province, to give comments and guidance on the spot.Fang Ying, the first prize winner of Shandong Provincial Teacher’s Teaching Innovation Competition,and Zhou Feng, the first prize winner of the "Superstar Cup" teaching competition of young college teachers in Shandong Province, made a live demonstration.


Fang Ying conducted a 45 minute teaching demonstration around the knowledge of mathematical expectation of random variables in the course of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. Through the combination of online and offline teaching methods, Fang Ying applied the problem driven and heuristic teaching methods in the teaching process, highlighting the student-centered teaching philosophy, and achieved excellent teaching results.

Zhou Feng selected the section of covariance in the course of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics for a 20 minute classroom teaching demonstration.He integrates curriculum ideology and politics into the teaching process,and guide the students to further think and explore and stimulate their interest in learning.

In the expert roll call session, Ma Junying affirmed the excellent classroom display of the two young teachers, and put forward specific suggestions from the aspects of teaching charisma and layout of the ppt page.

In the future, the School of Mathematics and Statistics will continue to do a good job in training young teachers, deepen the classroom teaching reform, and further promote the improvement of teachers' teaching ability and teaching level.

Translated by Wang Huiyang

Reviewed by Wu Haochen

Edited by Jia Bingbo