The Archives (History museum of SDNU) Holds an Honor Commendation Symposium.

On September 20th, the Archives (History Museum of SDNU) held an honorary commendation symposium. Vice president Wan Guangxia attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting was chaired by Chen Wei, director of the Archives (History Museum of SDNU).

Wan Guangxia fully affirmed the achievements of the Archives (History Museum of SDNU). The comrades of the archives stick to their posts during the epidemic and solve the practical difficulties of alumni, which have been praised by all sectors of society. Wan Guangxia pointed out that this time the state issues honorary certificates to those who have been engaged in archival work for 30 years, which is a commendation for comrades who have been engaged in archival work for a long time. The two commended comrades have been in the industry for 30 years, who are diligent, conscientious, dedicated, and selfless.We hope that the two teachers will continue to carry forward this spirit and make greater contributions to the archives work of SDNU.


Wan Guangxia issued honorary certificates awarded by the National Archives Administration of China to Li Dongming and Yao Weixun, who have been engaged in archival work for 30 years. Subsequently, the commended comrades talked about their experience based on their personal work experience. The two comrades said that the archives work recorded the history and development of SDNU, and witnessed the achievements and glory of SDNU, which is very meaningful. The archives work is special. Choosing the archives work means that it has chosen obscurity and adherence to dedication. In the future, the "craftsmanship" of "choosing one thing and specializing" will continue to be upheld.

On behalf of all the comrades of the Archives (History Museum of SDNU), Chen Wei said that he would continue to carry forward the spirit of obscurity and dedication, manage the archives for SDNU, preserve the history, serve the alumni enthusiastically, and play an active role in the development of SDNU.


Translated by Wu Haochen

Reviewed by Wang Huiyang

Edited by Jia Bingbo