The Second Board Meeting of the Confucius Institute at UEPA Was Held in SDNU.

The second board meeting of the Confucius Institute at UEPA was held  in Qianfoshan Campus on December 16th. Rubens Cardoso da Silva, president of UEPA, Tang Bo, president of SDNU, Antônio Carlos Braga Silva, the Brazil director of the Confucius Institute at UEPA, Pang Hui, the Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at UEPA and leaders of the relevant units attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Zhou Lianyong, director of the office of international exchanges and cooperation, director of Confucius institute Affairs office of SDNU.

Tang Bo sent warm congratulations to the success of the board meeting of the Confucius Institute at UEPA, extended warm welcome to President Rubens Cardoso da Silva for his first visit of our university and attending the meeting, he also expressed sincere thanks to UEPA for its high attention and full support when constructing Confucius Institute. He mentioned that it was because of bilateral joint effort that remarkable achievements have been achieved in the Confucius Institute at UEPA since its two-year setup, though as the youngest one among all the overseas Confucius Institutes. He hoped that we can take Confucius Institute as a platform, and transform the powerful cooperating conditions into fruitful cooperating results. Finally, Tang Bo congratulated Professor Pang Hui on his conferred title of “excellent individuals of global Confucius Institutes” in 2017, and showed thanks to all the teachers who have made contributions to the construction of Confucius institute.

Rubens Cardoso da Silva expressed thanks to SDNU for the warm-hearted reception and considerate arrangement for the board meeting. In his address, he said that this was his first visit to SDNU since his being the president of UEPA, and the Confucius Institute we built together has become a symbolic program of our communication and cooperation, which also plays an important role in helping local students and civilians in Brazil to learn Chinese and study Chinese culture. He hoped that we could have further sincere cooperation to bring more benefits for the Confucius Institute and to develop our friendly cooperated relationship that had existed between us.

At the meeting, they watched publicity film of SDNU together. Board members of Confucius Institute at UEPA voted the new members of the next board of the Confucius Institute at UEPA.

Reviewer: Zhou Lianyong

Editor: Xiang Yuzhen

Final reviewer: Chang Bing