An Announcement of Hiring Long - term High - level Overseas Experts in 2018 and 2019

In order to implement the talent strategy, strengthen the overseas talent recruitment, optimize the structure of overseas experts, accelerate the internationalization of SDNU,  boost the "double first class" construction, SDNU issued an announcement of hiring long-term high-level overseas experts as follows:

I Requirements

The experts should have

(1) a doctor's degree or a senior professional title and have rich experience or high accomplishments in teaching and scientific research in the related field.

(2) good health, age of less than 60 years old, no crime or academic fraud and other bad records;

(3) the employment time is between September 2018 and September 2019, and the length of time is usually a semester or a school year, which can be properly prolonged if necessary.

II Salary and treatment

(1) SDNU is responsible for the round-trip international travel and accommodation of the experts;

(2) SDNU and employing unit undertake collective responsibility for the salary and other treatments of the experts;

(3) If the talents meet the requirements of the introduction of high-level talents, SDNU will implement the salary and treatments of experts in accordance with the relevant regulations ;

III procedure

(1) the employing units shall determine the candidates for the appointment of experts and report to SDNU before 15th  March or 15th November.

(2) SDNU will examine and verify the candidates to be recruited and determine the appointment plan.

(3) SDNU signs the contract with the experts who have been selected in the appointment plan and goes through the relevant procedures.

Contact: Huo Wenjing  Li Jie  Liu Tao

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