In the afternoon of December 10th 2017, Douglas Brodie, President of University of Strathclyde and Lu Maozu, director of the Chinese Academy of University of Strathclyde paid a visit to Shandong Normal University. They were officially employed as the Guest Professor in SDNU. Wan Guangxia, Vice President of SDNU issued the certificates in the reception room of Administration Building in Qianfoshan Campus.

Wan Guangxia welcomed the visitors. He said that the two universities made fruitful cooperation with each other in recent years, which laid a solid foundation for deep cooperation between the two universities. This visit would further strengthen exchanges and broaden channels of cooperation, in order to promote the discipline construction in the School of Psychology and School of Law and to push the international exchanges and cooperation in running schools to a new level.

Douglas Brody expressed his gratitude to the enthusiasm of SDNU and was honored to be the Guest Professor of SDNU. He said that by bringing the influence and advantages into full play, he would earnestly carry out his duties and contribute to the development of SDNU based on the sound development of Discipline.