SDNU Held the Volunteer Departure Ceremony for the 2022 Western China Program.

On the morning of June 14th, the volunteer departure ceremony for the 2022 Western China Program of SDNU was held in the 107 lecture hall of Wenchang building. Tang Zhouyan, secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU, and Xing Guang, deputy secretary, attended the event. All volunteers of the University's 2022 western program and responsible comrades of relevant departments attended the ceremony. The activity was presided over by Zhao Wei.


At the ceremony, Tang Zhouyan presented flags and equipment to the volunteers who were about to go. Xing Guang congratulated all volunteers in his speech. He encouraged volunteers to continue their efforts, make full preparations and show their "good image".



Pan Teng reported on the work of the 23rd graduate education support group online. All members of the volunteers of the 2022 western program spoke one by one and solemnly swore to the team flag.


Translated by Wang Yutong

Edited by Jia Bingbo