Shandong Normal University (SDNU) is located in the historical and cultural city, Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province. Based on Qilu culture and humanity of Spring city, it adheres to the school spirit of “Respect for the virtuous, Strive for success” and the motto of “Uphold morality, fortify your dream, pursue knowledge, and then put them into practice”. Through consciously inheriting and innovating Qilu culture, and making efforts to highlight Teacher’s Educating Feature, the university has developed into a comprehensive and advanced normal university and gained an excellent social reputation with various subjects and majors, a complete degree system, and abundant teaching talents during the past 70 years.


The history of SDNU can be traced back to the Normal School of Ancient Shandong University in 1902.In October 1950, built with the education school of the original East China University and the Administrative Cadre School of Shandong Province, Shandong Normal College became the first undergraduate college of Shandong Province since the founding of new China.

In 1952, schools of physics, chemistry and biology of Qilu University were integrated into our university. In September 1970, some agencies and departments moved to the city of Liaocheng, and then were relocated to Jinan in April 1974. In March 1981, the university was identified as a provincial key institution of higher education; in August of the same year, the university’s name was changed to Shandong Normal University.

In November 2012, the University was included in the first batch of famous universities with characteristics aiming to cultivate application-oriented talents in Shandong Province. In March 2014, the University was approved as an institution of higher education built by both Shandong Province and the Ministry of Education.


Excellent Teaching Facilities

SDNU has two campuses in Lixia District and Changqing District which cover a land area of about 267 hectares and a building area of 1,360,000 square meters. It has established 46 research and training institutions in national level and above provincial and ministerial level, including one National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, one National Experimental Demonstration Teaching Center, one Key Lab of Ministry of Education (MOE), one MOE Engineering Research Center, sixProvincial Key Laboratories, eight Provincial Key University Laboratories for the 12th 5-year plan, seven Provincial Experimental Demonstration Teaching Centers, two Provincial Collaborative Innovation Centers for Higher Education, and so on. The library has a collection of 4,331,330 volumes of books and periodicals as well as 60 TB electronic resources.

All kinds of Disciplines

SDNU contains 25 schools, 84 undergraduate programs, 9 post-doctoral research stations, 10 first-level disciplines for doctorate degree granting, 29 first-level disciplines for master’s degree granting and 15 types of professional degree authorization which cover the top ten subjects and disciplines. It ranks as the top of all provincial colleges and universities in the amount of subjects and disciplines. Two disciplines named Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Principles of Education are national key ones; four disciplines are under project-oriented construction of first-class discipline; three specialties are approved as key disciplines of high-level application-oriented construction of Shandong Province; one discipline is taken into the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database, ranking in the top 1%. In the third national discipline assessment (2012), SDNU got the best grade in provincial universities in that 18 disciplines were put into evaluation, among which 11 disciplines were at the top 50%. At present, there are 36,456 full-time students, including 5,309 graduate students, 211 overseas students, and 19,390 adult education students.

The University has founded an Elementary Education Group. Middle school, the second middle school, and a primary school affiliated to SDNU are provincial standardized schools, which have been successively and respectively awarded in the Top 100 Chinese Schools, Top 10 Schools in Science, Technology, Education and Innovation, the First Batch of Specialist Schools of Mental Health Education, the First Batch of National Schools Good at Playing Football, and so on. Lishan College of SDNU is a full-time normal junior college approved by the Ministry of Education, and the Shandong Provincial People’s Government in 2005, which moved to Qingzhou in 2013. At present, the college has 6,910 students, 456 staff, and 44 undergraduate majors and specialties. During the past eight years, it has cultivated more than 6,800 graduates and won a good social reputation.

Teaching Achievements

SDNU has participated in “Quality Project” of the Ministry of Education. Four people are awarded with the National Distinguished Teacher. The university has been honored with 14 National Teaching Achievements Awards, built two national teaching groups, carried out one project of national comprehensive reform pilot, nine national specialty construction sites, four national excellent courses, four national sharing courses, one national demonstration course of bilingual teaching, one national trial plot of talent training, one off-campus practical education center for college students, and 730 projects of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students and compiled six textbooks for the 12th 5-year plan. It is the first university to carry out a “national training plan”, which has received the honorable title of Advanced Unit of Enrollment and College Graduates Employment. The university has won a gold award and been honored as Advanced Group in “Internet Plus” – an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for College Students - for two consecutive years. An undergraduate team won the award of “Technology and Innovation Team in Memory of Deng Xiaoping” and obtained the First Prize and Outstanding Organization Award of National Smart City Technology and Creative Design Competition. In 2007, SDNU was evaluated to be excellent in the national evaluation of undergraduate teaching conducted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Distinctive Teacher education

SDNU is the only university containing two training systems in Shandong province. The university has completed an integrated education system of pre-school education, primary education, secondary education, higher education and continuing education, and formed a school talent-training system of bachelor, master, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees. It is also the leader of the teacher education alliance of higher educational institutions in Shandong province. Educational theory research and its application have obtained significant results, with the total number of awards ranking the first among all provincial colleges and universities. As a master-and-doctor accredited university, it has subjects of Pedagogy, Psychology, Curriculum and Teaching Methodology and Education Technology which reflect the characteristics and advantages of teacher education and fill the gaps in Shandong Province.

High Education Quality

Since the founding of the university, it has trained nearly 40 million qualified talents, including a large number of outstanding people dedicated to education and education administrations, as well as many rigorous and realistic scientists, famous artists, visionary statesmen and excellent entrepreneurs. The quality of the talent training is fully affirmed and highly praised by both superior departments and the community. Our university was awarded as a provincial advanced university of developing party construction and ideological and political works, demonstration university of moral education, demonstration spot of party construction at grassroots level and so on. The university’s Communist Youth League was rated as “National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League”. In recent years, our students have won different awards in international and domestic major competitions. There are 10 people who have won the national title of National May 1st Labor Medal, and the National University Students Self-improvement Model. Our university has joined “May Flowers Performance for College and High School Students” for four consecutive years, and has won the title of “Excellent Organization Prize of Summer Social Activities for College Students” 23 times. What’s more, our students have won the Paralympics’ Championship for three consecutive years, and the women’s volleyball team has reaped laurels of Chinese College Student’s Volleyball championships and Super League for seven consecutive years.

Teaching Faculty

Excellent Faculty

Among the whole staff of 2,416, there are 1,944 full-time teachers, of which 880 teachers have doctorate degrees, 392 are professors, 712 associate professors, 172 doctoral tutors and three dual academicians. 17 teachers were selected as state-level talents which belong to the National High-level Personnel with the Special Support Program, and Cultivating Innovative Talents Project on Theory. There are also 973 chief scientists, Distinguished Professorsof National Outstanding Youth and Changjiang Scholars with the Ministry of Education, of which 19 were awarded the national honorary title of National Excellent Teachers. 87 people enjoy the special government allowances of the State Council and four were selected for the “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program” with the Ministry of Education. School leaders have been elected as members of the Shandong Provincial Committee for four consecutive years, of which six people were elected as representatives of the National Party Congress for the 6th time, fivewere elected as NPC delegates for the 12th time andfourwere elected as member of CPPCC National Committee for the 9th time.Two people have been selected for “Taishan Scholar Climbing Program”, two people have beenselected for the “Leading Talent Support Program”, 14 have been consecutively selected as a distinguished professor as a “Taishan Scholar”, threehave been selected as Young Professionals, onehas been selected as National Outstanding Youth, and 27 people have been awarded as Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Expert.

Scientific Research

Strong Scientific Research Ability

Since the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, SDNU has undertaken more than 3,300 research programs at all levels, which presided over more than 580 projects, such as the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863 program), the Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program), programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and programsof the National Social Science Foundation of China. In 2012, the university became the chief scientist institution of 973 Programs. SDNU has successively been honored withthree second prizes of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award and one second prizeof the National Natural Science Award. It has carried out two programs with the National Outstanding Youth Science Funds andone program from the Outstanding Youth Science Fund of National Natural Science Foundation. One team from our school was selected as the innovation team from the Talent Promote Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, and another team was selected as the innovation team of the Ministry of Education and has gained continuing support. SDNU haswon four Shandong Provincial Social Science Achievement Awards, two first prizesin the National Education Science Outstanding Achievement Awards, one Lu Xun Literature Award, and a nomination award in the “Top Ten National Excellent Technology Workers”. The university won more than 380 awards for scientific research at national, provincial and ministerial level, such as the Highest Natural Science Award of Shandong Province. SDNU has sponsored six academic journals. Our school has also been awarded the Advanced University of the Management of National Scientific Research, Labor Award of Shandong province, Outstanding Contribution Award of Innovation of Industry-University-Research Cooperation.

Cooperation and Exchange

Extensive Cooperation and Exchange

SDNU has received approval by the Ministry of Education for the first batch of designated enrollment of foreign students, with the joint recruitment of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students, and establishes inter-school exchanges and cooperation with 108 institutions in 22 countries and regions. There are currently 11 joint cooperation programs for all students. SDNU is one of the universities which established the most Confucius Institutes among all provincial and normal universities.It has established four Confucius Institutes and two Confucius Classrooms in Korea, Kenya, the United States, and Brazil. At present, SDNU is seizing the opportunity to push forward school reform and accelerate development as well, striving to build a first-class comprehensive normal university.

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