Short Term Programs

Study Duration

3 months

Research of Regional Culture

1. A survey of China or Shandong province

2. A brief introduction of Chinese history

3. Visit world cultural heritage — Mansion, Temple and Cemetery of Confucius at Qufu, and attend lectures on Confucianism in Nishan.

4. Research on Chinese tea

1) Visit tea factory and experience how tea is processed in Qingdao.

2) Visit tea garden and museum, and study tea ceremony.

3) Attend lectures on Chinese tea culture, “The problems of the geological environment and ecological balance of Jiaodong Peninsula”, Taoist culture and etc.

Research of Contemporary China

1. Lectures on China’s education, including educational system, educational policy, relationship between education and employment, and etc.

2. Lectures on China's political and economic systems, including political system, government organization structure, Chinese law, etc.

3. Lectures on news media, including press freedom, relationship between government and media, and etc.

4. Experience Chinese Kung Fu ----Taiji& Watch football game of Chinese Football Association Super League

5. Experience Chinese folk custom, Chinese food, Chinese traditional medicine and etc.


Stay with Chinese family, and experience Chinese family life.

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