Academic Research (Overview)

A Brief Introduction of Research on Humanities and Social Sciences in Shandong Normal University

Talents gathered in Shandong Normal University. Its academic achievements flourish with a long history.

SDNU has a good reputation in literature and arts, and is also specialized in Chinese language and literature, Marxism theory, education, history, psychology, geography and other fields of research. The university plays an important part in the whole country. Famous scholars that have been part of SDNU are Zhang Yi, Fu Tongxian, Tian Zhongji, Xue Suizhi, Zhuang Weishi, Yan Weiqing, Feng Zhongyi, Liu Zuochang and Zuozhang etc.

Since the 12th five-year plan, we have seen fruitful results on humanities and social sciences in SDNU. A total of 835 government-sponsored projects at various levels have received 488.62 million yuan in total. 135 national social science projects have received 27.69 million yuan; 376 provincial and ministerial projects have received 19, 364, 000 yuan. We have hosted major projects of National Social Science Fund, Research and Building of Marxist Theory, (a project titled)“Research on promoting the traditional Chinese culture and modernization” of Research Center of Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and have hosted the entrusted project of “the core model of literacy, index system and the performance level of elementary school students in China” in Center of Philosophy and Social Sciences in the Ministry of Education.

In 2016, there were 38 approved national social science projects, of which 24 annual projects ranked 34th among universities, party schools and research institutions and also ranked 8th among national normal universities. There were 790 academic works and more than 2000 academic papers published in high-level journals in all. Apart from that, two achievements were listed into the recording of national philosophy social science. SDNU has received 505 academic awards of varied levels, including 7 outstanding scientific achievement awards of universities (1 second prize and 6 third prizes), 5 national outstanding educational achievements (1 first prize, 1 second prize and 3 third prizes) and 157 outstanding social and scientific achievement awards of Shandong province (3 major achievement prizes, 22 first prizes, 62 second prizes and 70 third prizes).

SDNU is equipped with a Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education (Qilu Culture Research Institute), 4 Key Research Bases for Social Science of Shandong Province (Qilu Cultural Research Center, Education Research Base, Cultural Construction Research Base, Local History Research Base),1 New-type Key Think Tank of Shandong Province (Research Center of Basic Education Development and Policy), 2 Key Research Bases for Theory Construction of Shandong province (Contemporary Chinese Marxist Research Base, Qilu Culture Research Base), 1 Collaborative Innovation Research Center of Shandong Province (Collaborative Innovation Center of Qilu Cultural Heritage and Cultural Construction), 3 Humanities and Social Science Research Platforms for the 13th Five-Year Plan of Shandong Province, (Marxist Theory Research Center, Chinese Literature Classics and Cultural Creative Research Center, Basic Education Curriculum and Teaching Research Center) and 5 collaborative innovation centers and 33 humanities and social science research bases at university-level. With provincial research base and collaborative innovation research center as its main body, and the university-level platform as an important force, our university has basically formed a pyramid-style humanities and social science research platform system led by the research base of Ministry of Education.

In the future, SDNU will build a high-level philosophical and social science innovation system and provide a strong support for the university. And SDNU will become a domestic first-class comprehensive normal university and a major famous university featured in cultivating application-oriented talents of Shandong Province. This will contribute to the economic and cultural construction of Shandong Province and to the construction of socialist culture in China by setting the promotion of research ability, prosperity and development of humanities and social sciences as the fundamental goal, the production of high-level researching results and the provision of quality social services as the core; the cultivation of high-level academic team and innovation team as the key point; the adjustment and optimization of the structure of philosophy and social science disciplines as the base; the construction of innovative platform system as the supporting strength; the promotion of collaborative cooperation and the improvement of research methods as the driving force; the increase of capital investment and optimization of the allocation of resources as assurance.

Scientific and Technological Achievements

Shandong Normal University attaches great importance to scientific research work. We plan to enhance our school's ability in science and technology innovation and academic influence by carrying out high-level projects, publishing high-level achievements, building scientific and technological innovation platforms and research innovation teams. The scale and level of scientific research have been greatly developed. Thus, we have had some traditional predominant disciplines like chemical industry, halophytes, atomic and molecular physics, applied mathematics, computer science and technology, geographical science, management science and engineering, photoelectric information, new materials, biotechnology, and environment and ecology.

Since 2000, SDNU has undertaken more than 2,000 science and technology projects at all levels. SDNU has presided over more than 400 of the national key research and development projects, the National Natural Science Fund and other projects. On the field of foundation items, SDNU has won 2 National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Projects, and 1 Youth Science Fund Project of National Natural Science Foundation. In the research of molecular probe and nanoprobe, one of our teams was elected to the innovation team of key areas under Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Talent Promotion Program, and one team was elected to the innovation team under Ministry of Education. On the level of national awards, SDNU has received 3 national second prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, and 1 national second prize for Natural Science. About publications, SDNU has published more than 4,000 articles on the international high-level academic journals including SCI and EI. Moreover, 556 National Invention Patents have been authorized. And in order to promote local economic and social development, we cooperate actively with local governments, enterprises and institutions to strengthen collaborative innovation.

SDNU has 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, 1 Research Center of Education Engineering Ministry, 6 provincial key laboratories majoring in the molecular and nanoprobe, fine chemicals clean synthesis, adversity plants, computer software and new technology, optical and photonic devices, animal resistance biology and medical physics image processing, and other fields. SDNU also has the project construction of "chemical imaging function probe" and Shandong Province Higher Education Collaborative Innovation Center. We built a Shandong Province Engineering Laboratory of "green chemical materials". Scientific research and innovation platform has become an important base for the organization of scientific research, for gathering and cultivating high-level talents, and for carrying out academic exchanges and cooperation. It has also improved the overall scientific research level and (increased our) university level. At the same time, the scientific research and innovation platform in the subject area plays a leading role in the relevant disciplines and industry by providing scientific research and technical support.