A Special Training Lecture on News Photography Was Held.

On the afternoon of June 14th, a special training seminar on news photography was held in Qianfoshan Campus. Wei Bin,the outstanding alumni of the Photography Department of the School of Fine Arts was invited to be the keynote speaker. More than 100 people participated in the training. The training was chaired by Gong Gu, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee.

With the title of "Thoughts and Practice of News Documentary Photography Creation", Wei Bin expounded the important significance and value of photography from the angles of recording life, reflecting society and improving aesthetics, combining his own experience and perception in photography for many years.He explained in detail the functions of SLR camera as well as the principles of equipment selection in different scenes. In order to improve the operational ability of teachers and students, Wei Bin provided more than ten SLR cameras, and led the teachers and students to operate them while explaining, so that the teachers and students had a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the basic operational skills and exposure principles of the camera.