On April 10th, the sixth "Youth Talk of SDNU" co-sponsored by Youth League Committee of SDNU, the Music Academy Youth League Committee and the Students' Union,was held in Qianfoshan Campus.Jia Fan, an outstanding graduate and young singer from the Music Academy of SDNU, returned to SDNU as an invited guest. He talked with more than 200 young students about the beautiful memories of his study in SDNU and shared his experience of pursuing his music dream of excellence.

Jia Fan recalled the beautiful past during his study in SDNU. From a professional point of view, he emphasized the importance of basic knowledge to the young students, he then had in-depth exchanges of his learning methods with the students. Talking about the experience of studying abroad, he lamented that while he had gained a lot, he also urged the young students to stick to their original intention of pursuing dreams.

The arrival of Professor Huang Mingshui, who isJia Fan's teacher pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. A bouquet of flowers expressed Jia Fan's deep gratitude to his teacher. Jia Fansang a song "Ears" and patiently answered the questions raised by the teachers and students on the spot. The activity ended successfully in a warm and warm atmosphere.