The United Front Department Went to Shanting District for Teaching and Research.

In order to support the work of the cadres serving temporary position, promote the reform of teaching methods in rural Middle schools, and investigate the development status of local junior middle schools, on April 9th, the United Front Department organized some non-Party representatives and the backbone teachers to visit Shanting District for teaching and research. Liu Qingdong, Standing Committee of Shanting District Committee,Director of United Front Department, Huang Chao, Sun Hualei,Chu Hongli, Song Guanghui and Sun Meng (the cadre of SDNU serving temporary position) participated in relevant activities.

In the 24th and 7th middle schools of Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, the research group visited the campus environment, classroom conditions, teaching facilities and other hardware facilities of the two junior middle schools on the spot, focusing on the hardware facilities of the canteens, raw materials procurement, food production and processing, food safety and other aspects of the two schools.

Through the research, the group has a preliminary understanding of the current situation of primary education in Shanting District, and has a profound understanding of the problems that restrict the development of primary education in Shanting District. The research group will collect relevant data in other cities for systematic analysis and research, and give feedback to the competent authorities of education in the form of proposals.