On June 14th, the report on "dialogue with faith" sponsored by the Youth League Committee of SDNU was held in Changqinghu Campus. Wang Yihan, the world badminton champion,delivered a speech entitled "the striving youth is the most beautiful". Yao Dongfang, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline welcomed Wang Yihan and listened to the report. The report was chaired by Zhao Wei, deputy secretary of the youth league committee of SDNU.

In her speech,Wang Yihan shared her growth and perception with the young college students,vividly described the wonderful and extraordinary 20 years of fighting for badminton. She encouraged young college students to be brave in facing difficulties, temper their willpower, enrich their extracurricular life and strive for future.Wang Yihan's brilliant speech won applause from the students. The participants said that the success of the world champion came from unremitting efforts and struggles. As general secretary Xi Jinping says, happiness comes from struggle.Young college students should shoulder the responsibility and mission of the times, and unite the youth strength for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the realization of the Chinese dream.