SDNU Held the Ninth Session of the Badminton Competition.

On May 10th, the ninth session of the badminton competition came to a successful end in Qianfoshan Campus. The competition was sponsored by the Labor Union of SDNU and the Badminton Association of the teaching staff. 300 teaching staff of28 teams from 25 units and schools participated in the competition.

The competition included single, double, mixed doubles and team competitions. All the participating units were well prepared before the competition,all the players brought all potentialities into full play.

In recent years, the Badminton Association of the teaching staff has actively publicized and promoted badminton sports, actively organized badminton competitions, and the enthusiasm of the staff to participate in badminton competitions has greatly been enhanced, which enriched the life of the teaching staff and promoted the badminton level of the teaching staff.