The Plaque of the National Civilized Campus was Unveiled in Changqinghu Campus

On 12thMarch, 2018, the first day of the new semester, SDNU held the ceremony of unveiling the plaque of the national civilized campus in Changqinghu Campus. Tang Bo, President of SDNU,Wang Huanbin, Zhang Wenxin, the Deputy Secretaries of the Party committee,Yao Dongfang , Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection,Duan Peiyong, Wang Hongyu, Man Baoyuan, Xing Guang, Xu Haibo, Vice Presidents of SNDU attended the ceremony, the leading officials of departments and schools , representatives of teachers and students were present as well.

At the ceremony, teacher representatives Meng Qingtian and Li Xiaodi,student representatives Chen Pian and Li Lili jointly unveilded the plaque of the national civilized campus.Xing Jiajia,teacher representative and Zhu Hongchang,chairman of student union launched an initiative to jointly maintain the honor of national civilized campus.

In his speech,Wang Huanbin said that the honor of the national civilized campus was the accumulation of the unremitting efforts of all the staff and students,which has confirmed the new path of sustainable development of SDNU.The national civilized campus was not a permanent honor but a dynamic one,all the members of SDNU should firmly establish the awareness of crisis consciousness, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, and actively take the initiative to deal with the problems and shortcomings in the work, effectively consolidate and maintain the honor of national civilized campus , and strive to construct the civilized campus to a newer and higher level.