College of International Education Held the Eleventh Chinese and Foreign Food Festival--"A Bite Of Culture"

On November 2, College of International Education held the eleventh Chinese and foreign food festival--"A Bite Of Culture" in the Qianfoshan Campus. Zhang Wenxin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SDNU, Yao Dongfang, Secretary of the Discipline Commission, together with two vice presidents of SDNU Man Baoyuan and Wang Chuankui attended the opening ceremony. The leading officials of the relevant units and schools participated in the festival. More than 260 overseas students from 38 countries including Korea, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, Mongolia, Japan ,Hungary and Chinese students participated in this activity.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Wenxin announced the opening of the Chinese and foreign food festival. The leading official of College of international education introduced in detail the background and basic information of this event.

At the beginning, the overseas students cooked the representative food of their respective countries, such as Korean sausage, Pakistan hand pilaf,  Japanese sushi and Russian barbecue, attracting many students to watch and taste it. They dressed in their local clothes and introduced the food culture to other students enthusiastically. Chinese students provided noodles and dumplings which were very popular as well.

The festival fully demonstrated different food cultures and customs, expanded exchanges and communication between Chinese and foreign cultures, provided more opportunities for the students to broaden their horizons ,built a successful platform for cultural exchanges. This festival enriched Chinese and overseas students' extracurricular life, promoted the cultural construction of college of international education, furthermore,both Chinese and overseas students showed positive spirit, which promoted their understanding and recognition of the exotic cultures, broadened the horizons of international culture and enhanced the cross-cultural communication ability, which has become a beautiful landscape in the campus.