“Chinese Opera Art Enters the Campus” ——SDNU Held a Special Performance in Jinan Peking Opera Theatre

In the evening of December 8th  2017, “Chinese opera art enters the campus” ——Jinan Peking Opera Theatre enters SDNU special performance was held in the concert hall of Qianfoshan Campus. Members of university Peking Opera club and representatives of teachers and students from different schools in Qianfoshan Campus watched the performance.

The special performance of“Chinese opera art enters the campus” gave teachers and students a closer look at the classics, the elegance of the art, and the traditional cultural charm. Through the interpretation of the Chinese story, the artists transmitted the positive energy and promoted the truth and beauty. The young students learned to improve their cultural literacy, strengthen cultural confidence and strive to be the inheritors and communicators of China's excellent traditional culture.

Jinan Peking Opera Theatre was founded in 1949, which has been performing in the UK, South Korea, Japan, Finland, France, the United States and other countries and regions. Jinan Peking Opera always adhered to inheritance and innovation and developed with the time. It created and portrayed a great number of excellent dramas and had made a positive contribution to enriching the colorful culture life of people and inheriting the development of Peking Opera.