Li Sisi, the Famous Hostess of CCTV and Liu Lin, the Producer of the Echo Loud Being Guest of Shandong Normal University

On December 16th2017,Li Sisi , the famous hostess of CCTV, Liu Lin ,Producer of the Echo Loud, accompanied by alumni of SDNU Qi Huachen ,came to pay a visit to SDNU.

Zhang Guanwen, deputydirector of the school of Journalism and communication, Liu Xingbo, directorassistant,Liu Jingmin, head ofthe broadcasting and hosting department also attended the meeting in the administration building of Qianfoshan Campus.

In the afternoon, Liu Lin made a speech under the title of “the TV people in our eyes ” in c154 in Chang qinghu campus of SDNU andunveiled the plaguefor theShandong Normal Universitytalent training base of echo loud program of CCTV . By asking three questions “What can you do?What do you do?What are you qualified for?”,Liu Lin told the students that they should have right understanding of themselves,set a clear goal and find a right direction for the life. In addition,he said that the students of SDNU are excellent and one student performed very well during his internship. He sincerely hoped that more and more good students and graduates can have the opportunity to study and work in CCTV.

At night, sponsored by Citic press andXinhua Bookstorein Jinan and presented by the library ofShandong Normal Universityas well as library volunteer association, a function with the topic of Li Sisi “Choice of Life Is a Little Interesting ” was held in the library of Chang qinghu campus. Being the distinguished guest, Qi Huachen was the host of the interview. The activity was divided into several parts, namely, self-talk of Li Sisi, interactive interview, readers' questions, new bookmarks sale. Li Sisi spread her mental experience talk from the experience of participating in the program ofChallenging the Hostto the well-knownhostess of Spring Festival Gala. In the interview part with Qi Huachen, Li Sisi said that she had met lots of greatartiston the stage after she became a hostess in CCTV. Her speech received applause for many times , the interview ended with the activity of new bookmarks sale.