Professor Cui Rutao from Boston University was invited to SDNU for an academic visit

In the afternoon of November 6th 2017, Cui Rutao, professor of pharmacology, experimental therapeutics and dermatology and director of the department of dermatology, Boston University, was invited to SDNU for an academic visit.

Tang Bo, president of SDNU, met him in the reception room on the second floor of the administration building. He welcomed Professor Cui Rutao and introduced the construction and development of the discipline of SDNU, and thanked him for his strong support for the development of the discipline. He hoped to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of biochemistry, and produce more results in scientific research and personnel training. Cui Ruitao recalled his life and study in Jinan. He expressed his willingness to work closely with SDNU in academic exchanges, to help the development of the discipline construction and young scholars, he accepted the certificate of the lecture professor of SDNU issued by President Tang Bo. Staff from personnel office, school of life science attended the meeting.