Shang Zhixiao Visited the Cadres and Workers in the Front Line of Epidemic Prevention and Control.

On February 2nd, Shang Zhixiao, secretary of the party committee of SDNU, visited the cadres and workers who adhered to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and went deep into the inspection and guidance work of key parts of epidemic prevention and control. He fully affirmed the work done in the previous stage of epidemic prevention and control work, and put forward clear requirements for further doing a good job in school epidemic prevention and control work. Xing Guang participated in the activity together.

Shang Zhixiao went to the hospital of SDNU, the monitoring center, the apartment for overseas students, the main gate and the gate of the teaching staff community, he cordially talked with the medical staff, security personnel and cadres on duty, and expressed respect and gratitude to the cadres and workers who were not afraid of hardships and dangers. Shang Zhixiao paid special attention to the epidemic prevention and control of overseas students and experts in SDNU,he listened carefully to the reports of relevant departments, and put forward requirements for further prevention and control work.