School Laders Went to Xiajin County to Investigate and Guide the Work of the First Secretary.

On January 18th, Zeng Qingliang, deputy secretary of the party committee and presidentof SDNU, made a trip to Xiajin County, Dezhou City to investigate and guide the work of the first secretary.Wang Hongyu, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SDNU, attended the activities together. Cai Yupu, secretary of the Xiajin county party committee,Du Weidong, deputy secretary of the Xiajin county party committee, and qu Chuanzeng, deputy county magistrate, accompanied the visit.

Zeng Qingliang came to visit the families of poor people in three villages in Xiajin County, where the first Secretary was stationed, and inspected first Secretary poverty alleviation projects such as solar street lamps, rural Road, and vegetable cultivation. Representatives of teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts brought their own pen, ink and paper, wrote blessings and Spring Festival couplets on the spot, presented them to the villagers.

Zeng Qingliang presented to the poor people exquisite Spring Festival couplets written by teachers and students majoring in calligraphy of the Academy of Fine Arts, and sent condolences such as cooking oil, flour and quilts to the masses, and sent New year wishes and beautiful visions to the poor people. Zeng Qingliang and Wang Hongyu warmly shook hands with the villagers, learned in detail about the villagers' family income, physical condition, and children's education,encourage them to strengthen their confidence, strive for self-improvement, and do not wait for support.

At the meeting on the work of the first secretary, Zeng Qingliang listened to the report on the work of the first secretary's working group since it was stationed in the village, and briefly introduced the SDNU’s reform and development and poverty alleviation work in 2019.

Cai Yupu introduced the development of Xiajin County and expressed heartfelt thanks to the work of the first secretary of the provincial party and the support and help provided by Shandong normal University to Xiajin.