SDNU Trained the Directors of the Student Affairs Department.

On September 23rd, the special training course for the directors of the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee of the whole province opened in Qianfoshan Campus. Huang Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Committee of Education and Industry, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education and Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. Wang Huanbin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony was chaired by Liu Kun, deputy director of the office of the Provincial Committee of Education and Industry. Before the opening ceremony, Zeng Qingliang met Huang Qi and the delegation in the reception room on the second floor. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Provincial Committee of Education for the support and assistance to SDNU over the years and talked about relevant issues.

In her speech, Huang Qi pointed out that this training course is an important task to learn and implement Xi Jinping's socialist thoughts with Chinese characteristics in the new era.She demanded that all the trainees clarify their learning priorities,strengthen discussion and exchanges, carry forward the fine style of study, and ensure that the training achieves solid results.

Wang Huanbin briefly introduced SDNU’s educational history and achievements in recent years and put forward requirements for the organization and guarantee of training courses.