On September 6th, Professor Peter Taylor, academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, academician of the Academy of Social Sciences and director of the Global and World Urban Research Network,was invited to visit SDNU. Vice President Wang Hongyu met the him in Changqinghu Campus.

Wang Hongyu, on behalf of SDNU, warmly welcomed Peter Taylor. He briefly introduced the development,school running characteristics, scientific research and teaching of SDNU, with emphasis on foreign cooperation and exchanges. He expressed his expectation that Professor Taylor would make more valuable suggestions and further strengthen cooperation and exchanges.

Taylor thanked SDNU for the warm reception and highly praised SDNU for the emphasis on international cooperation and exchanges. He pointed out that his team's GaWC research concerns everyone in the world. He hoped that with the support of Jinan Municipal Government and Shandong Normal University, he could build a platform in Jinan to cooperate in the research and get more achievements.