On September 5th, the retirement ceremony as held in Qianfoshan Campus. Shang Zhixiao, Zeng Qingliang and Wang Hongyu attended the ceremony. Wang Hongyu chaired the ceremony.

Shang Zhixiao awarded honorary certificates to every retired faculty member and shook hands with them to express his gratitude for their hard work in the development of SDNU.In his speech, Zeng Qingliang expressed his lofty respect on behalf of SDNU for the retired staff.

Professor Li Aihua and Zhang Jingdong , as representatives of retired faculty and staff, recalled fondly the good memories of their work in SDNU and expressed that they would continue to care about and support the development of SDNU through practical actions. Wang Jinshansaid that we should conscientiously do a good job in all kinds of service work, so that the vast number of retired faculty members have a sense of political honor, organizational belonging and happiness in life.