Vice President of the University of Aberdeen Visited SDNU.

On September 2nd, Professor Richard Wells, Vice President of the University of Aberdeen, visited SDNU. Zhang Wenxin, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, met the visitors in of Qianfoshan Campus.

On behalf of SDNU, Zhang Wenxin welcomed the visitors and introduced the development and characteristics of the university. He said that he was glad to welcome the visitors from Aberdeen University on the occasion of enrollment of freshmen in 2019. Over the past five years, substantial progress has been made in the exchanges between the two universities, covering a wide range of modes and deep-seated cooperation, ranging from joint training of students, exchanges of teachers to joint scientific research cooperation, especially, the cooperation between the two universities since 2017. The special course "Finance - International Joint Training" has been highly praised by students and parents, and has become a bright brand for the exchange and cooperation between the two universities.He hoped that the two sides should adhere to a sound basis for exchanges, take advantage of the situation to develop cooperative relations, and work together to broaden the international horizon of teachers and students of the two universities and to seek a broader field of cooperation.

Richard Wells thanked SDNU for the thoughtful arrangement for this visit and expressed his joy at participating in the enrollment activities during his visit to SDNU. He said that Aberdeen University has always attached great importance to the internationalization of personnel training in the educational history. After many years of development, Aberdeen University has a high level of internationalization, and more than 30% of the students are international students. He highly praised SDNU's emphasis on internationalization and the increasing international influence. He hoped that the two sides would consolidate the existing cooperation foundation and carry out cooperation and exchanges in a wider field based on the common interests and advantages.