SDNU Holds the Opening Ceremony for Grade 2019 Freshmen.

On September 4th, the opening ceremony and military training mobilization ceremony of the 2019 freshmen was held in Qianfoshan Campus and Changqinghu Campus. Shang Zhixiao, Zeng Qingliang, Wang Huanbin, Zhang Wenxin, Yao Dongfang, Wang Hongyu, Wang Chuankui and Wan Guangxia attended the ceremony. Wang Bo, Deputy brigade commander of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 71770, Li Fei, deputy chief of staff of Jinan Branch of the Shandong Armed Police Force, Liu Lei, commander of the 2019 military training brigade, instructor of the reconnaissance battalion technical reconnaissance company of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 71770, and He Xiangting, instructor of the Jinan Branch of the Shandong Armed Police Force, attended the ceremony in the two campuses respectively. The ceremony was chaired by Wang Huanbin.

The ceremony started with the solemn national anthem. On behalf of SDNU, Shang Zhixiao presented the flag to the trainees. Zeng Qingliang, with the theme of "Make a thousand-day appointment to create a better future", talked freely with the freshmen of Grade 2019 about their youth ideals and put forward hope.

In their speeches on behalf of the trainees and officers, Wang Bo and Li Fei said that they must conscientiously perform their duties, and successfully complete their military training tasks with high quality.

Professor Sun Shuwen, Director of the School of Chinese Language and Literature and doctorial supervisor,delivered a speech on behalf of the teachers. Meng Xiaoyu, a 2016 undergraduate from the School of History and Culture, Hu Xinyang and Cui Xiaorui gave their respective speeches on behalf of the students.