On May 9th, Huang Jing, Director of the administrative center for China’s Agenda 21 , Ministry of Science and Technology, came to Shandong Normal University for investigation and research,he was accompanied by Zhang Shixin, first-level inspector of Shandong Science and Technology Department. Zeng Qingliang and Duan Peiyong welcomed the guests. The meeting was chaired by Duan Peiyong.

Zeng Qingliang delivered a welcoming speech and warmly welcomed the guests on behalf of SDNU. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the administrative center for China’s Agenda 21 and Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department for the support to SDNU, and briefly introduced the development, subject distribution, enrollment, scientific research platform and output of SDNU.

Huang Jing fully affirmed the achievements of scientific research work in SDNU in recent years, and introduced the requirements of the reform in the field of national science and technology. He pointed out that the purpose of this survey is to establish and improve the scientific research management mechanism ,reduce the burden of scientific researchers, and fully release the vitality of innovation.He hoped to hear more opinions and suggestions from scientific researchers. The responsible departments and universities should do a good job in scientific research management service and make greater contributions to the national economic and social development.