On May 6th, the first-class hero model and model of Qilu Zhang Baoguo gave a report in the first conference hall of Changqinghu Campus. Shang Zhixiao, Wang Huanbin, Yang Qinghua, Wang Li and Liu Guanwei were present and listened to the report. More than 300 people including the leading officials from the Party Committee Office, Changqinghu Campus Office, Propaganda Department, Graduate Student Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, Public Security Department, League Committee and other departments, as well as representatives of teachers and students listened to the report.

Through the report, Zhang Baoguo described his experience in removal of explosives, various dangers , and the risks and responsibilities of removal of explosives. Liu Yiwu, Chen Long, Li Jing,Li Ping respectively described Zhang Baoguo's heroic deeds, dedication. Moving stories and vivid pictures deeply affected every audience, many teachers and students shed tears, and they burst into warm applause from time to time.