On April 25th, the special performance "Top Dancers Entering Campus" was held in Qianfoshan Campus. Song Yanhua, Liu Feng, Zhang Shaohong, Li Jianguo, Sun Xiaoru, Zhang Quanjun, Zhang Linxian, Qinqiao, Secretary of Party Committee of Shandong Normal University Shang Zhixiao, Deputy Secretary Zhang Wenxin and Secretary of Discipline Commission Yao Dongfang came to watch the performance.

In his speech, Zhang Wenxin said that elegant art is an excellent classic accumulated by human civilization, with profound aesthetic connotation and strong educational function. To watch the elegant art is not only an enjoyment of beauty, but also a purification of our soul, cultivation of our sentiments and improvement of our thoughts.The artists perform for our teachers and students from a long distance, reflecting the artists'noble artistic virtue and fine style, which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the activation of our campus culture and the promotion of students' artistic literacy.SDNU will take this activity as an opportunity to promote aesthetic education, further strengthen art education for college students, so that each student can improve aesthetic and humanistic qualities in the process of enjoying art, and lay a solid foundation for the all-round development of each student.

The auditorium was filled with applause. The top dancers in the whole country offered a brilliant visual feast for teachers and students. The performances are rich and colorful, including more than ten programs such as classical dance, modern ballet, national folk dance, modern dance, national standard dance and so on.