Vice-President of Perm State University, Russia Visited SDNU.

On April 1st, Professor Germanov Igor,Vice-President of Perm State University,Russia visited SDNU.Zhang Wenxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU welcomed the visitors in Qianfoshan Campus.Both sides reviewed the previous exchanges, and focused on in-depth and meticulous exchanges on the future joint construction of Humanities and Social Sciences Research center, the establishment of Pushkin College, the joint training of students at the master's level, and cooperative scientific research, and achieved a high degree of agreement.

On behalf of SDNU, Zhang Wenxin warmly welcomed the visitors and briefly introduced the current situation and features of SDNU. He said that there was a long and strong friendly cooperation between the two universities. In recent years,both sides have launched various forms of friendly intercollegiate exchanges , laying a strong foundation for deeper cooperation between the two universities. Zhang Wenxin said that SDNU would continue increase support for the cooperation between the two universities. He hoped that, based on good cooperative relations and common interests, the two sides would have more in-depth discussions on building scientific research cooperation institutions, expanding joint training of high-level and multi-disciplinary students, and cooperating in scientific research.

Germanov Igor expressed his heartfelt thanks to SDNU for the warm welcome and agreed with Zhang Wenxin's outlook on the future development of friendly and cooperative relations between the twouniversities. He said that there are many similarities in the features between the two universities. In the next step, the two universities will focus on finding more common interests in the field of Humanities and social sciences, and build cooperative institutions including humanities and Social Sciences Research Center, Pushkin College and other institutions, and then rely on the platform of the institutions to attract more talents from both sides to participate in deeper intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation in order to achieve more fruitful exchanges.