Shandong Normal University Sent Off the Students Who Would Practice Teaching in Xinjiang.

On March 1st,SDNU sent off the students who would practice teaching in Xinjiang in Qianfoshan  Campus. Man Baoyuan,Vice-president of SDNU and Bi Hualin were present.

At the ceremony, Man Baoyuan, on behalf of SDNU, gave the team flag to the "Xinjiang Supporting Mission of Shandong Normal University", and urged the students to pay attention to their health, not to fear hardship, and to strive to complete the task of supporting Xinjiang.

Bi Hualin put forward three suggestions for the students. Firstly, to understand our national policy in depth and safeguard national unity . Secondly,to abide by the law and discipline ,understand and respect the local people as well as the local customs, abide by the rules and requirements of the school. Thirdly,to love students, conscientiously complete teaching tasks, give full play to the fine traditions of SDNU and use practical actions to maintain a good image of SDNU.