Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Visited SDNU.

On February 25th, Zhang Shaohua, deputy director of the Foreign Experts Management Department of the Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts, and fiveco-workers paid a visit to SDNU.Vice President Wang Hongyu met Zhang Shaohua and the delegation in Qianfoshan Campus.

On behalf of SDNU, Wang Hongyu warmly welcomed the provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts to come to SDNU. He thanked the provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts for the support and attention to the work of talents introduction.He stressed that under the current domestic and international situation,SDNU attaches great importance to the work of introducing talents. In 2018,SDNU has successfully got the approval of the national "111 Plan" base. The next step of building the base will focus on "how to play a better role", further accelerate the integration of overseas talents and teams with the disciplines, and strive to strengthen international academic exchanges and expand "111 Plan" based on existing cooperation and with the help of "111 Plan" base platform.

Zhang Shaohua said that 2019 is the year of implementation of the work, and the Provincial Bureau of foreign experts will carry out extensive research work.He introduced some of the key work of the provincial foreign expert bureau, and solicited opinions on the work of introducing overseas talents to Shandong Province.