Shang Zhixiao Received the Delegation Led by Ren Haitao.

On January 30th, Shang Zhixiao met Ren Haitao in Qianfoshan Campus.Shang Zhixiao welcomed Ren Haitao and expressed his condolences to all members of the service team, and congratulated the service team on its achievements in helping Rizhao private enterprises. Ren Haitao thanked SDNU for the support and assistance to the service team. He introduced the basic situation of the five private enterprises assisted by the service team, as well as the investigation and research of the service team and the construction of the internal system. He fully affirmed the performance of Comrade Hu Mingfeng, a member of the service team dispatched by SDNU. Ren Haitao hoped that SDNU would continue to strongly support the work of the service team, carry out and implement the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party committee, and jointly promote the effectiveness of the various tasks of the assistance work.