SDNU Held a Spring Tea Party for Retired Teachers.

On January 27th, SDNU held a spring tea party for retired teachers. Shang Zhixiao, Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the tea party and delivered a speech. Zhang Wenxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Wang Hongyu, vice president also attended the tea party. The tea party was chaired by Zhang Wenxin.

On behalf of the university, Shang Zhixiao extended sincere greetings to the retired senior leaders and comrades and wished them good fortune for the Spring Festival. He said that with the joint efforts of the whole univeristy, in 2018, SDNU has made new achievements, new progress and new promotion. He hoped that the old leaders and comrades would continue to care about and support the reform and development of the university, give full play to the advantages of rich experience and profound knowledge, actively make suggestions for promoting the comprehensive reform of SDNU and the construction of "double first-class".

Wang Hongyu introduced the overall situation of the reform and development of the university in 2018, and reported the financial revenue and expenditure of the university and the expenditure of retirees. On behalf of the veteran comrades ,Gao Minggong said that they were encouraged and proud of the achievements made by the university in 2018. In the new year, they will continue to care about and support the development of the university , care about the growth of the younger generation, and make positive contributions to promoting the construction of civilized campuses and promoting the university to a new stage.