SDNU Held the Second United Front Spring Festival Gala.

On January 3rd, the 2nd Spring Festival Gala of United Front Department of Shandong Normal University was held in the Concert Hall of Qianfoshan Campus. Wang Mingqi, Yu Yonghui, Guo Yongjun, Li Tongshun, Sun Xiaojun, Wang Bo, Sun Yanyan, Zeng Peng,Ye Shuangchi, Li Xinfeng and Zhang Wenxin enjoyed the performance.

At the recognition ceremony, the leaders presented honorary certificates to 47 excellent individuals and 7 excellent collective representatives.

The programs selected by the democratic parties and united front groups were brilliant, setting off wave after wave of climax, which included the chorus "Bright Days" brought by the European and American Student Union,the chorus "Deep Night" selected by the Democratic League,the poem "Praise the Flag",the solo "Hope for the Motherland",the "Parent-Child Rhythmic Gymnastics","Dating In The Mongoloid Tent","Night Wind Blows through the Whistle Tower", "The Yangtze River Flows Eastward",the street dance,the chamber duet "Bruce","Let's Gallop Together", the Dai dance "Yuzhu Forest",The Peking Opera sung by Jin Peng, Deputy Secretary of School of Foreign Languages,the Shandong Qinshu“Singing Masks”,the flute solo "Spring Comes",the singing of young baritone singer Li Ao made the performance climax again, he sang "Open Your Eyes",”Descendants of the Dragon”and“Flea's Song”successively.Professor Ding Ruyan, who presented in the final stage, sang "Great Beauty" for everyone and pushed the performance to the climax again. The performance ended in "Unforgettable Tonight" sung by Ding Ruyan and Li Ao.