Guests from Hokkaido University of Education, Japan Visited SDNU.

On December 28th, Zhang Wenxin welcomed Yokoyama, Vice-President of Hokkaido University of Education, Japan, in Qianfoshan Campus. He made a thorough and meticulous discussion on such topics as exchange of postgraduates, exchange of scholars and cooperation in scientific Research between the two universities, and reached a broad consensus on cooperation.

Zhang Wenxin warmly welcomed Yokoyama, who led the delegation to visit SDNU for the first time. He introduced the current situation of SDNU from the aspects of history, discipline construction and international exchanges. He reviewed the remarkable achievements made by the two universities since the establishment of inter-school exchanges and cooperation, and expressed his satisfaction with this. He hoped that on the basis of existing cooperation projects, the two sides will open up new fields, explore new modes, carry out practical work in student exchanges, expert and scholar exchanges, and scientific research cooperation, so as to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two universities into a new stage of development.

Yokoyama thanked SDNU for the warm reception and briefly introduced the history of Hokkaido University of Education and international exchanges. He said that he strongly agreed with Zhang Wenxin's statement on the importance of internationalization of higher education and pointed out that Hokkaido University of Education attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. He said that the two universities have similar historical development paths and subject layout, and have made gratifying achievements in the field of student exchanges and scholar exchanges. He believed that with the joint efforts of both sides, we will be able to develop a new cooperation model, integrate the advantages of resources of the two universities, and achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win situation.