Civil-Military Integration and Innovation Center Was Established.

On November 2nd, the civil-military integration and innovation center was established in Qianfoshan Campus,SDNU. Jin Ningyi, Gao Yuwei, Tu Changchun together with Shang Zhixiao and Duan Peiyong attended the meeting.

Shang Zhixiao welcomed Jin Ningyi and the delegation,he briefly introduced the development of SDNU and exchanged views with the guests on deepening the cooperation between both sides. He hoped that both sides would take the lead in solving the problem and achieving fruitful results in the field of military-civilian integration,cooperation and innovation. Jin Ningyi expressed his support for bilateral cooperation and his good wish to give full play to their respective advantages, close bilateral cooperation and promote civil-military integration and coordinated development.

After the meeting,both sides jointly attended the signing ceremony and unveiled the military-civil integration and innovation center of Shandong Normal University.