On November 1st, Zhang Wenxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU met the delegation led by Dr. Reza Moridi, former director of the Department of Higher Education of Ontario, Canada, in Qianfoshan Campus.

Zhang Wenxin, on behalf of SDNU, warmly welcomed Dr.Reza Moridi and the delegates. He briefly introduced the development and discipline advantages as well as the development plan of SDNU. He said that as a provincial key comprehensive normal university, SDNU attaches great importance to internationalization, and has classified internationalization as the goal of the development strategy. He expected to carry out different forms of international exchanges and cooperation with the universities of Ontario, renew the idea of running a school, broaden the development horizon, and further promote the discipline construction and personnel training level of SDNU.

Dr. Reza Moridi expressed his gratitude to SDNU for the warm reception. He said that this was his first visit to Shandong Normal University. He was pleased to see the achievements made by Shandong Normal University in discipline construction, teachers education and international cooperation in recent years. He strongly agreed with Zhang Wenxin's views and suggestions on the internationalization of higher education. He said that Ontario attaches great importance to the development of higher education, strengthens international exchanges and cooperation, and has made considerable progress in the education. Internationalization has become a key strategy for the development of higher education in Ontario province. He believed that the visit is an opportunity for the two sides to establish friendly and cooperative relations, carry out various forms and levels of exchange projects, and innovate ways of cooperation, strive to jointly establish high-end international scientific research bases in the future, provide a basis for deepening cooperation and ensure the introduction of high-quality resources.

During the meeting,both sides held in-depth talks on developing friendly exchanges , exchanging high-level teachers and students, establishing scientific research bases and introducing high-level talents.