The Fourth Cross-strait Seminar on Maritime Silk Road Was Held in SDNU.

On November 4th, the fourth cross-strait Seminar on Maritime Silk Road co-hosted by Chinese society of Oceanography and School of History and Social Development of Shandong Normal University was held in Shandong Normal University . Wang Hongyu, Vice President of SDNU, Lin Mingsen, Secretary-General of Chinese society of Oceanography, Wang Jinghui,Chairman of China Zheng He Society, Taiwan, and Chen Dezheng, Director of Social Science Department of Liaocheng University attended the seminar. The seminar was chaired by Mao Rui, Director of School of History and Social Development.

In his speech, Wang Hongyu said that the initiative of "one belt and one road" is a concentrated expression of general secretary Xi Jinping's diplomatic thoughts and a great practice of great power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics. Scholars from across the Taiwan Strait have made in-depth discussions on the history and culture as well as the contemporary strategic value of the maritime Silk Road , which has made great contribution to the further development of the "one belt and one road".

More than 50 experts and scholars from more than 30 universities and research institutes, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Nankai University, Tongji University, Jinan University and Taiwan Ocean University, attended the seminar. During the two-day seminar, experts and scholars were divided into two groups and conducted in-depth academic discussions on the Maritime Silk Road strategy, Strait relations, and marine cultural exchanges.