Professor Andrew Ewing from Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Visits SDNU.

On October 31st, Professor Andrew Ewing from Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Gothenburg University and Pennsylvania State University visited SDNU. Vice President Wang Chuankui welcomed Professor Andrew Ewing in Qianfoshan Campus.

Wang Chuankui warmly welcomed Professor Ewing and introduced SDNU's history, current situation and fruitful achievements in various fields. He said that analytical chemistry is SDNU's dominant subject, and SDNU attaches great importance to the international development. He hoped to cooperate with Professor Ewing in relevant fields and make due efforts to deepen scientific and technological exchanges and deepen friendship between the two sides.

After the meeting, Professor Ewing made a report titled Combination of nano SIMS with electrochemical methods to understand the chemical structure of neurotransmitter vesicles and neurotransmission.