School of Psychology Holds a Seminar for Teachers.

On September 29, in order to implement the documents of the National Education Conference, the School of Psychology held a seminar for teachers. Wang Huanbin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SDNU, attended the seminar. The leading officials of the Propaganda Department, Personnel Office, Graduate Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, Trade Union were also present. The seminar was chaired by Wang Meiping.

Wang Huanbin highly appraised the seminar and put forward expectations and clear requirements for the development of the school and teachers. Wang Huanbin hoped that teachers would continue to adhere to their professional ethics, rally their strength and consensus, create more and better achievements, do a good job in scientific research especially in personnel training and promote the work of the school to a new level.

During the seminar, the representatives of the teachers spoke enthusiastically and talked freely about the understanding and experience of learning and carrying out the documents of the National Education Conference. Professor Zhang Jinghuan, Professor Shi Jiwei, Professor Mao Weibin, Assistant Professor Chen Guanghui , Sun Yanliang, Zhao Bao, Gao Fei , Ling Xiaoli gave their speeches.They all hoped to be good teachers and constantly create new achievements in the work of teaching and educating people. Yang Lianyou, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Psychology said that in accordance with the requirements of the National Education Conference, we should highlight the all-round and whole-process education of the whole staff, and build a contingent of teachers with the feelings of serving the country, shouldering the responsibility of educating people.