SDNU Launches the Forum for Psychological Health Education.

On September 28, the lecture contest on psychological health education and the launching ceremony of the forum on Psychological health education were held in Qianfoshan Campus. Wang Huanbin attended the forum and delivered a speech. Wang Li, Qu Yanhong,Professor Zhang Jinghuan,Mao Weibin, and Professor Zhou Haiyin served as the judges.The forum was chaired by Liu Xinsheng,Deputy Director of Office of Students Affairs.

In his speech, Wang Huanbin congratulated all the award-winning candidates and the first group of lecturers employed in the forum of psychological health education. He put forward clear requirements for further improving the psychological health education of college students.

Wang Huanbin and Wang Li jointly unveiled the "Forum on Psychological Health Education for college students", and Yu Xiaoming,Director of Office of Students Affairs, awarded the first batch of lecturers of the forum. The first prize winners of the contest were appointed the first batch of lecturers.