The Freshmen of 2018 Show Their Achievements in Military Training.

On September 14th, the freshmen of 2018 show their achievements in military training in Changqinghu Campus and QianfoAshan Campus respectively. Shang Zhixiao, Tang Bo, Wang Huanbin,Zhang Wenxin,Yao Dongfang, Duan Peiyong, Wang Hongyu, Xing Guang, Wang Chuankui,Wanguang Xia, Zhao Yunkui and Ma Lei attended the meeting. The officers and soldiers of the military training brigade, the leading officials of the relevant departments and schools and all the new students'counselors were also present. The meeting was chaired by Wang Huanbin and Wan Guangxia respectively.

Accompanied by the solemn national anthem,the freshmen of 2018 military training summary meeting was opened.Each team walks past the rostrum in good spirits, high spirits and orderly steps. They displayed the fruitful results of the military training with their mighty military posture, and displayed the vigorous features of contemporary college students with their clanging pace and loud slogans.

On behalf of SDNU,, Shang Zhixiao presented the flag to the PLA 32101 troops, expressing sincere thanks and respect for the troops.