Gyeonggi Research Institute, South Korea Paid a visit to SDNU.

On September 17, Zhao Ying-lai, Vice-President of the Gyeonggi Research Institute of South Korea, and Li Su-hang, Director of the Economic Research Office, came to visit SDNU. Yao Dongfang welcomed the guests and attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Fake, Secretary of the Party committee of School of Business.

During the meeting, Yao Dongfang welcomed Zhao Ying-lai and briefly introduced the history ,the number of teachers and students, the achievements , scientific research and foreign cooperation of SDNU. He said that currently SDNU has established inter-university cooperation with 133 universities from 28 countries, especially with South Korea, it is hoped that School of Business can establish long-term and close cooperation with the provincial Academy of Social Sciences and Gyeonggi Research Institute.

Zhao Yinglai shared his research achievements in the China-South Korea subsea tunnel project, transportation logistics. He hoped to carry out deep cooperation and exchanges with Shandong Normal University.